091114 – four live sets

November 14, 2009 – the first Fotofono event dedicated to this very blog project. Richard Kamerman had mindfully assembled four new collaborations involving a substantial group of old time collaborators and friends. His selection of local artists was augmented by including also Steve Flato (whom we had a first chance to meet in July 2008, when he came down to play with Richard), and David Kirby (who runs the delightful Homophoni weblabel out of Atlanta). Well done, Richard and everyone – here are four brilliant sets for this grand opening..!


1. David Kirby, Steve Flato

2. Eric Laska, Reed Evan Rosenberg

3. Ben Owen, Richard Kamerman, Tom Mulligan

4. Bryan Eubanks, mpld (Gill Arno)


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Fantastic – great to see this up, and a wonderful start to the blog. Thank you, Gill!

Comment by Steven Flato

Great to hear what’s happening on your end of the pond. Nice work Gill. Greetings from the other side… John

Comment by john grzinich

Congrats on the new site, Gil! Looks great and sounds even better.
Greets from Montreal :-)

Comment by Jim Bell

beautiful!!! thanks.

Comment by chris phillips

thank you chris. we did another session last week, it went really great….. i hope to be able to post very soon. check back before the new year. until then, happy holidays,


Comment by Gill A

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