More steam, and a fan

With this post, the summer series of our open doors events is entirely archived. Recordings and images this time are from the concert of  July 15, which opened with Fyxzis, the A/V project of Corey Larkin, Richard Kamerman and Steve Flato. The trio offered a great blend of digital sound (by Larkin and Flato) and analog video processing (by Kamerman).

Fyxzis was followed by a duo of Ben Owen and o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi), and by a solo set by Richard Francis.

Meeting for the first time as a duo, Ben and Keiko brought in a variety of small microphones, objects and circuits, plus Keiko’s trademark wii-controlled feedback resonator. In addition to that, they also grabbed a large fan from the living room. The fan seems to become huge in the recording, as Keiko maneuvered deftly in the crammed and sweaty Fotofono, simultaneously delivering aural and thermal delight.

Richard Francis ended the evening playing modular synthesizer and computer to create a soothing, airy drone piece. At times, the relaxed chatter of a couple emerged from the slowly shifting hum. The voices sound like an overheard dialogue, close but indistinct, adding a disembodied presence that ebbs in and out of focus through the dreamy atmosphere.


Fyxzis – Steven Flato (electronics, sound), Corey Larkin (electronics, sound),
Richard Kamerman (electronics, visuals) [21 min. 28 sec.].
Ben Owen (electronics, objects) o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) (objects, computer) [17 min. 16 sec.].
Richard Francis (synthesizer, computer) [21 min. 47 sec.].

Download zipped files: ogg [200.4 MB]; 320 kbps mp3 [133.7 MB].

Recorded by Gill Arno at Fotofono, July 15 2010.
Thanks to Richard Kamerman for the video stills. Richard has posted a 15 minute video from this performance on Vimeo.


more 091114

An update to the post of the November 14 2009 show.
Added zipped files of the four sets:

Steve Flato and David Kirby
Eric Laska and Reed Evan Rosenberg
Richard Kamerman, Tom Mulligan and Ben Owen
Bryan Eubanks and mpld.

Click to download:  mp3 or ogg file format.
Also, added a few images from the event – scroll below to see them.
Thanks to Andrea, Ben, and Theres for  the photos.

Vera's graffiti on fotofono door (photo: Ben Owen)

David Kirby and Steven Flato #1 (photo: Ben Owen)

Steve and David #2 (photo: Andrea Sanders)

Eric Laska setting up (photo: Andrea Sanders)

Eric #2 (photo: Ben Owen)

Reed Evan Rosenberg (photo: Gill Arno)

Richard Kamerman's setup (photo: Theres Wegmann)

RK in action (photo: Gill Arno)

Tom Mulligan (photo: Gill Arno)

Tom's sculptural instrument (photo: Andrea Sanders)

Bryan Eubanks gets ready for the final set (photo: Andrea Sanders)

mpld's projection (photo: Ben Owen)

091114 – four live sets

November 14, 2009 – the first Fotofono event dedicated to this very blog project. Richard Kamerman had mindfully assembled four new collaborations involving a substantial group of old time collaborators and friends. His selection of local artists was augmented by including also Steve Flato (whom we had a first chance to meet in July 2008, when he came down to play with Richard), and David Kirby (who runs the delightful Homophoni weblabel out of Atlanta). Well done, Richard and everyone – here are four brilliant sets for this grand opening..!


1. David Kirby, Steve Flato

2. Eric Laska, Reed Evan Rosenberg

3. Ben Owen, Richard Kamerman, Tom Mulligan

4. Bryan Eubanks, mpld (Gill Arno)

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